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 Setsune, Sansuka

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PostSubject: Setsune, Sansuka   Setsune, Sansuka Icon_minitimeWed May 05, 2010 4:54 pm

In memory of my master and good friend

Arrancar Application
Sansuka Setsune
The Elder, Father, Old one, Wise one, Old man (take your pick)

Visual Age:

Zanpakutō's Name:
Muerte solicitante
Innate Ability:
Total Recall..This ability forcibly recalls all blood that leaves his body. With this it returns through which it came or enters his body another way. His blood, no matter the quantity, will be recalled back to his body on demand. He can move it with his mind or hands. Hands are twice as fast as his mind. up to 300 meters as long as there is enough blood to keep him alive.
Status Ranked:
Vasto Lorde
San is indifferent about others. He has been around long enough to accept the fact that Hollow and Shinigami fight. He has also been around long enough to dispel any hate towards a single race. He finds them all to have their own strengths and weaknesses to them. He finds that the bounto are the most interesting of them all however. He finds that there ability to adapt remarkable. He finds that the hollow race is neither the 'areian' race nor the hellish creatures of the world. He often thinks of others as their own entity and not at all like anything should be done to kill them or anything. He does note that because of his time as a hollow that he has seen the rise and fall of empires. This has taken it's toll on him as a person. He has come to rarely grow attached to any thing or anyone as everything eventually dies. He seas himself as a living paradox. He likes to meditate and even walk around just randomly most of the time. He holds his king in high regard and is loyal to the chair not the person. However through time there have been a few kings that have grabbed his attention as either respectable or any kind of acknowledgment as a true king. However the current king, Shuei Setsuna has earned that respect as king. It was hard, arduous, and it was simply because San felt the true Shuei and not the corruption of the throne. Slowly through out the years San learned to read most people, almost all people, and play in to them. Being a feeble old man at first glance, he is able to play that card as well.
Natural Race:
Quiet places, people he considers family, Time, being lonely sometimes.
Rowdy people,
Being an old man with old man things to do
Favorite Food:
All food
Favorite Music
All music
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill:
Has the experienced skills of analyzing people and recalling memories and those experiences from his past encounters, thus knowing a bit of what most people would not know.
Remains of Hollow Mask:
His remains is a bottom and top jaw covering his mouth that moves with his mouth. The last part are two bands that wrap around his beard keeping it in place.
Tattoo Location:
Tattoo is located on his back and his chest, just above his left peck.
Aspect of Death
Death/Time(which ever suits your fancy)
Hollow Hole Location:
Middle of his neck
Cero Color
Black as black can be, simple and to the point.
Gran Rey Cero Color:
As black as black can be however there is a tint of red and cyan in it.
Standing five foot nine, he has somewhat broad shoulders. He has scars all over his body from head to toe. He has a long gray bear that reaches to his waist. He wears the standard uniform, however, its a bit baggy. His eyes are droopy and a bit sagged due to his age. He has wrinkles all over his face not body. His eyes are a deep brown. He has gray hair on his head that is shaggy and long. It reaches down to his back and chest stopping at the middle of his chest. He walks as i he himself is royalty but then again technically he is. He would be the start of all hollow or at lease one of the beginning hollow. He himself more or less walks as old as he is, rather slow paced and what not. This is because of his views on time. He speaks with a raspy old man voice that sees to beg for an audience. He talks much like an old man would. He speaks with a tone of being wise and mostly always right. He has a special addition to the standard uniform that covers his nose down. It's almost always closed and is zipped or buttoned up. We are unsure as he has never taken it off. It fits tightly to his face so that unless you pull the collar away some you can not see behind it or in it from above.
5 foot nine
Ninety pounds
Blood Type:
Measurements:(He’s a man, der)
The story starts with four souls. These souls were the original hollow. The were not turned hollow by some act of tearing their hart or it being stole from them. They were simply brought to this world as they were. They fought each other as the dominant one of the pack. They were never exactly the hollow that are known as today. First was their transformations were somewhat off. They didn't have a horde of hollow to transform with. Each took a special transformation when they reach Gillian. They each took a large oversized shape of a tree like object. However each was adorned with a special mask not like those that normal or even sentient gillian wore. These masks were special in the regard as they had a solid color and each were identical. They wondered the whole of earth, not Hueco Mundo. They devoured souls and living people they found. But considering they were not enough in the world yet, they were doomed to stay Gillian for ever. Or so one would think. When in fact they evolved through a different means than devouring souls that were around. These four evolved by intelligence. The first to evolve was the oldest of them. He evolved to a human like shape that had large, almost the size of a light post now a days, sized arms. His head was proportioned to his body and his legs were smaller than they should have been. With this he was able to move fast and retain a power to his arms. However the down side was his pure size. He cold easily take out an army of Gillian but at the cost of being able to do anything worth while. At his next evolution he received the most human shape one could get. He look completely human except for the mask and assorted hollow features. His last transformation was to something along the lines of turning to Arrancar. He, with the help of the other three, tore his mask off. After a while he met a young spiritually apt girl that caught hi eye. Soon he found her again as a hollow, a bit odd. He took her under his wing and taught her to control what she was and to understand everything that needed to be, was it an old fool's action? possibly. Was it out of the fact that he himself always wanted a daughter to care for? Most likely. Soon he became known to her as father and she became known as "Hime." He kept her close and safe as always. From there he met Shuei who he thought was good for Rebecca and even thought as him as a son in law as he thought as Rebecca as a daughter. From this point he watched Shuei take power. After he was then asked to be apart of the Royal guard to Sheui. He accepted this for two reason, one to protect his little Hime and two, in order to do what he could to keep the race of Hollow alive and well. From that point on the rest is the future, to be told through the events to occur later on. The events that are to transpire through the rp. Through life he has things that even normal men don't get to see. the rises of empires the falls of great heros, the laughter of wicked men, and the cry of innocent children. He saw the rise of the holy Roman Empire, was at the death of the Alexander the great, and he was even witness to the epoch of the dark ages. Through out the history of man and hollow alike Sansuka bore witness to whole cascading failures of people and their actions. Through his time on the earth and realms alike he was able to see these and learn from the mistakes of others as well as himself.
Fighting Style:
The old man is very alarming predator instinct fighting style, he awaits for his opponents to make the first move always, taking in to analyze the situations. He is best played without arms for countering low and high physical attacks. When he draws his weapon, he always keeps it covered as if harmless. He will also take the saya out of his obi of needed for a more accurate and devastating attack with his weapon. These attacks of his are at high levels of speeds and can catch a cat off guard.
Rp Sample

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PostSubject: Re: Setsune, Sansuka   Setsune, Sansuka Icon_minitimeSat May 15, 2010 10:09 pm

Sealed Descrition
The sealed is simple. Nothing much to it really. It was believed that extravagance came at a cost of being useful. So, in short the blade is a standard look. It is a black blade and the handle is merely the other end of the blade wrapped in a cloth that allows for the proper use. The saya seems somewhat old but stil in fairly good condition. It too is black but it has a silver tip to it. there is on the blade a specially made tsuba. It was made by indenting that blade a certain way so that it fits snug into the saya.
Release Phase.

His res does not change his appearance in anyway. Sad, but true. However, he gets the added weapon however. He has his sword and added with it a large scythe. The scythe is part of his Katana, the scythe however has no standing a to anything but pure cutting things up.

Because of his blood ability and the fact that he is rather old, his resurrection, over time, evolved to form this as it is now. The regeneration differes from most others as it primeraly deals with the blood production and healing wounds. now, a severed limb will not grow back for a while. That will take at least ten posts. His gashes, cuts, and slices are healed on demand. This is due to his blood ability. However, the blood part of the Regen. is different. the blood regenerates half as fast as it is put out. Ninety percent of the time in two post he can have full blood supply in this stage. With that the regeneration is needed to sustain his life by means of his own doing. The Regeneration is the only thing he gets from the pile of enhancements, he has also been stated to have the fastest regeneration state of all Espada.

Resurrección Special Ability:
This is simple. The ability that on command, any of his blood outside his body can explode. The explosions depend on the amount of blood entering the body.

The explosion will simply sever the arm completely off if there is up to a full ounce. The elbow would blow out and the rest of the arm would fall off. If it has two ounces then the main joint of the limb in enters will explode. However if it has any more then the chest blows apart. If the blood lands on the person when detonation occurs then a range of first to third degree burns will ensue, in the worse case scenario the blood will cause whole chunks of skill, bone, and meat to be blown off.

Ultimate Ability:
N/A at this time.

' This tech rejuvenates the blood supply by first absorbing all blood that has been touched by San's blood. The next is the that it allows his blood to reproduce faster. '
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Setsune, Sansuka
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