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 Basic Info for Suko..

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Basic Info for Suko.. Empty
PostSubject: Basic Info for Suko..   Basic Info for Suko.. Icon_minitimeSat Aug 06, 2011 9:46 pm

Name: Sukoshi kyuuseishu

D.O.B: Augest, 7th


Chibi form:

Half Transformation, Neko child:

Full human form:

Soku is shy, extremely so. He knows from right and wrong, more or less. Depending on his form, dictates his actions. If he's in chibi form, he can only act like a very young child/kitten. He VERY MUCH SO, acts like a kitten. Same interests and fleeting feelings as well as pursuits for love. In his half form, he knows both human and neko personalities alike, and they join perfectly. He has access to his half transformation, however, he's seldom used it in the past. This is because he never meets anyone he wishes to become really close to. He still acts like a child, but he is able to DO things now. Things such as help, though, he still acts very much like a cat. Self grooming, landing on all fours when it suits him, jumping on things, clawing at posts, and the usual cat things. Hos full form, is yet to be accessed. This form is only unlocked by a pure bond between two people. This bond must be a sort of love, be it sibling or something more. As an adult human male, he has access to all his forms and can change at will. However, deep inside of him, all forms, he has powers yet to be awakened, and he doesn't know what they are. Speaking in Japanese, he will often use things such as, -san, or -sama. He's quite the curious little neko too.
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Basic Info for Suko..
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