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 San bio nr version

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PostSubject: San bio nr version   San bio nr version Icon_minitimeSun Apr 10, 2011 1:42 am

Personal Information~

Ninja Information~
Rank: Genin
Main Class:
Secondary Class
Element( Clan element for those with a clan/ For those without a clan, put a main element)

Appearance and Personality~
Picture OR description:

Normal San:
Outside of battle, San really is a bit odd. Though he tries to hide it at times, it is a most obvious fact. San is a pervert. He is essentially a lady killer, constantly flirting with anything that has breasts and two legs. When in a conversation, he will try sly pick-up lines, no matter how fail they may be and corny, perverted jokes. His mind is constantly in the gutter, however it seems. Though no one has caught him, it is possible he tries to see women naked. Yes that means spying on the hot springs. He also has a hard time taking a hint. If he's rejected he continues on. However this seems to be more towards women whom he deem most amusing. He loves to drink sake

In battle however he is quite the opposite. Though still perverted, the man is very focused. His mind constantly works to find out logical solutions to the battles he's in. He's not high strung as he knows how to hold his head in battle. He's calm, collecting and always analyzing. His actions swift and accurate once he gets going. He does talk in battle if only to throw off his opponent. Fighting women.. well... let's just not go there.

Sadistic San:
He is sadistic and egotistic. He likes to play with people and their emotions simply to see their reactions and then get a good laugh from it. He will also toy with his opponents simply for the pleasure of watching them get angry or cry. He loves to torment almost all of those around him. I say almost as there have been the few rare instances that people have caught his attention as people to like and not kill. He finds that some have gone a little farther and won his admiration as or respect on some level. He has three loves, Blood, Science, and a special woman he has yet to find, in that order. His love of blood surpasses even the strongest of lusts for others. his love of science and experimenting on is only surpassed by his love of blood. He wants to change, tweak, poke , prod, and torture every person there is. His next is the feint but still controlling want to win over one girl in his life so he is never alone. But until that time comes his only love is Blood first then science. He always seems to talk openly with his opponent what he will do to them when they finally give up. He favors the torture like part of things as well. He has a few mental problems to boot. He finds any kind of pain arousing. If he is struck, cut, tortured, or even stabbed deeply through his stomach he will become aroused. The amount of pain determines the amount of arousal he will receive.He also speaks with japanese phonetics most of the time, using -San and -senpai and things.

E rank are free*


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San bio nr version
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