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 Sangre & Nevaeh

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PostSubject: Sangre & Nevaeh   Sangre & Nevaeh Icon_minitimeSat Jan 15, 2011 8:48 pm

S A N G R E & N E V A E H
A Demon to the left, an Angel to the right
Sangre & Nevaeh 2lwls80

    ♱-|A B I L I T Y - N A M E |-♱
    This term comes from the Japanese word Fukei, which is translated into the English word 'Guardians', which is what Sangre and Nevaeh are for Rebecca. Though both may be almost polar opposites, they share the same purpose (which is to protect and keep Rebecca safe.) Sangre and Nevaeh are the manifestations of the souls which were pieced in with her own years ago.

      The named 'Nevaeh' is literally 'Heaven' spelled backwards. He does not speak as to how he got his name nor does he intend to. Perhaps it is a self given name or he has simply forgot or never knew why he was named what he was named. However 'Nevaeh' or 'Heaven' has a rather angelic look to him, which could reflect upon the name of 'Heaven'.

      Sangre has a Spanish origin for the name, which is rather odd as Rebecca would rather expect him to have a Japanese name or a Hebrew name instead of a Spanish name. It is unknown as to why the Guardian holds a Spanish name. Sangre's full name is Corrompida Sangre as he has told Rebecca. 'Corrompida' roughly translates to 'Tainted' while 'Sangre' translates to 'Blood' this making the English name to be 'Tainted Blood'.
    ♱-|A B I L I T Y - E L E M E N T |-♱

      Nevaeh's element is simply healing. He has no special abilities that would used to harm anyone. Any harm done from him would be along the lines of a punch, kick, or fighting with a sword or other weapon they have bought/found. Because of this Nevaeh tries to train with weapons so that he can be useful when the time comes for him to fight and protect Rebecca. However he isn't quite skilled yet. His abilities involve Healing or protecting Rebecca or one of her allies.

      Sangre is much like a polar opposite of Nevaeh. While Nevaeh focus's on healing and protecting. Sangre focuses on combat and fighting. His abilities involve Affliction. While Nevaeh's ability is to improve health, Sangre is to cause harm through ill health. Both guardians however relate into the medical profession. Affliction would include poisons, bacteria, virus's etc. However when Sangre is in combat he can go out of control and his abilities can take a toll on him, resulting in a longer recovery process.
    ♱-|A B I L I T Y - D E S C R I P T I O N |-♱
    Rebecca's ability flows through the two guardian's she manifests. Her ability developed around the two souls which were stitched into her own long ago. She can manifest these two souls, her power flowing through them to give them their abilities while attaining a little fraction of the abilities for herself. She is like a master while Sangre and Nevaeh are like slave. However Sangre is the more rebellious one, which can cause problems in this bond between them. Sangre and Nevaeh can be manifested without their abilities activated. In fact Rebecca must call out a release phrase for them the activate their abilities. Once activated Sangre and Nevaeh swap eye color's and their appearance change. The release phrase for Sangre and Neveah Requires Rebecca to say their named along with the word 'Dehumanize'. Some people may not understand why she has to say 'dehumanize'. However the definition of Dehumanize is to 'To deprive of human qualities' however usually these qualities are individuality, compassion, or civility. Rebecca takes away the human qualities of Sangre and Nevaeh and replaces these 'mortal' qualities with angelic and demonic qualities. Nevaeh reverts to an angel while Sangre reverts into a demon.

      Nevaeh's Personality:
      Nevaeh's Normal Appearance:
      Nevaeh's Activated Appearance:

      Nevaeh's Abilities:

      Sangre's Personality:
      Sangre's Normal Appearance:
      Sangre's Activated Appearance:

      Sangre's Abilities:

    ♱-|A B I L I T Y - D R A W B A C K S |-♱
      Even though Sangre and Nevaeh can be manifested for a long time, Ability activated or deactivated, they require rest. They may rest like normal people, sleeping in a bed or such. But they will require about 12 hours of sleep a day if they rest while they are manifested. The second option is that they can revert back into Rebecca's soul for their rest. However once they start resting while back within Rebecca they cannot be re-manifested until they awaken. Meaning that Rebecca's powers will be locked for this time period, which can range from 4-8 hours. This leaves her vulnerable for this entire period. However if Sangre uses his abilities over and over in a fight, it takes a toll on him, when it's his time to rest he would require 12 hours rest locked away or a few few days if manifested. This of course happens if Sangre's abilities were used to a certain extent.

Ability Techniques: (Self-Explanatory)
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Sangre & Nevaeh
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