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 Ague De Muerta

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PostSubject: Ague De Muerta   Ague De Muerta Icon_minitimeTue Apr 20, 2010 8:20 pm

Sealed Descrition
This blade is approximatly eight feet long. The hilt is made of a steel like substance with the actual hand held section being about six inches to eight inches long and has a silkish feeling but firm like rubber grip so that the user can hold on as hard as they need to and is possible to the blade. On the actual blade there are two holes in the blade that are about four inches apart. They are near the guard of the blade. The guard of the blade is a long and thick metal block under the blade. The actual blade is about three inches thick which is nothing to the sheer size of the blade. The end is not flat but instead curves off about ten inches from the end and becomes a point. In sealed it is Melee type.

Release Phase. Agua de la Muerte Ven y matarlos a todos

Class-Type: Unknown

In this state his blade will add onto it a small orb at the very base of the hilt. The orb is the strongest thing on the weapon. The blade as long as Kitaro is touching it has the ability to "transmute" his reiatsu into water. The water being created and imbued with his spiritual pressure is able to be controlled by him [Kitaro]. The water can be altered by way of spiritual pressure to make it as hard as steel.

Resurrección Special Ability: Kitaro possesses the power to create water and control its behavior, strength, and precision to strike down his foes defense and offense maneuvers in different manners of his accessories such as his blade and gloves.

Ultimate Ability: Kitaro will stab his blade into the ground and the blade will fade away into small specks of black dust. They will rise up and attach themselves forming together with Kitaro's hands and form the appearance of two black gloves. These gloves will allow Kitaro to send his spiritual pressure over short distances with a max range of 10 meters and from that transmute his spritual pressure as he did with his original release to create water away from his body. The entire time Kitaro is in this state subconciouslly he is pouring his spiritual pressure into the gloves which are then causing water to pour out of the palms of the gloves and heap out onto the floor. These are controlled mentally the same way Kitaro controlls all of the other water that he creates. Through his spiritual pressure.


Name: Aquarion Fall
Attribute[s]: Damaging
Class: Action, Physical
Description: Kitaro will stab his blade or thrust his hands into the air, sending his spiritual pressure into the air with it and from the pressure water will form a sheet in the air [Kitaro's special and more powerful than normal water type] and extend in front of him a distance through the air. The water will then fall from the air down in a collapsing waterfall for 3 posts. The waterfall being made of a stronger type of water will cause more damage than normal water falling. It is controlled by his Spiritual pressure as well being sent through the air and will end as soon as his blade/gloves are taken out of the air and from the start of this water sheet.
Post Duration: 3 Posts
Cooldown: 5 posts

Name: Tidal Steel Defense
Attribute[s]: Invulnerable
Class: Control, Strategic, Instant
Description:[/i] Kitaro will stab hold his blade with his teeth and hang it in front of his body or put his hands across his chest in an x formation. From his orb/gloves, water will then surround his body created by his spiritual pressure and condense into the hardest possible form and extend four feet off of this. It will be nearly impossible if not impossible to break but Kitaro can do nothing while in this state but stand with his arms crossed across his chest against physical and reiatsu attacks.
Post Duration up to 5 posts
Cooldown: 5 posts

[Name: Pressurized Water Stab
Attribute[s]: Piercing Damage
Class: Reiatsu, Control
Description:[/i] Kitaro will shoot his most solid water formed from spiritual pressure out in front of him in a solid line. The water upon connecting with a target will disperse in the smallest bits possible. Into the very elements that make the water up and with his Reiatsu guiding them and having the momentum from the blast they will seep through most armor and defense and hit the target as if they had no defense at all.
Post Duration: 1 post
Cooldown: 3 posts
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