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 San for BOE

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PostSubject: San for BOE   San for BOE Icon_minitimeTue Jan 11, 2011 10:51 pm

San for BOE VIZARDapp

` Sansuka Twelve Onyx Setsune

San for BOE 323px-Xemnas_Days

San for BOE VIZARDstats

Name: Setsune, Sansuka(Twelve, Onyx,)
Age // Apparent Age: 1,000/29
Gender: Male
Rank: Leader

San for BOE VIZARDphysical

Height: six foot
Weight: 100lbs
Eye Colour: silver
Hair Color / Style: gray/silver
Skin Tone: Caucasian with tans
Body Type: athletic
Distinguishing marks/features:
Scars all over his back and chest and a few tattoos on his back.
Appearance Description:
San stands six feet tall and weighs 100 pounds. Also, he has gray/silver hair with piercing silver eyes. On his chest and back are scars that tell a tale, each one with it's own story indeed. Some deep enough they would have skimmed bone, and others shallow that they didn't even bleed. His hair is styled so that he has his bands framing his face and the rest of his hair slicked back. He has a deceivingly athletic body type, which is so because he has what most would call "super human" strength because of his stature. His body was conditioned to hold beyond near death, this was because of his daughter which he misses. On his body are a few tattoos that pertain, secretly, to his daughter. On his right shoulder is a tattoo of a war hammer crossed with a claw like hand.

His teeth, nails, and hair are always well groomed and looking nice. His body is a Caucasian like with slight tans.His voice is not always monotone, well it's hardly ever monotone. His voice is more of a sweet, sweet siren, per-say. It's not too deep but not too high pitched either. It's the perfect voice for his body. It resembles a baritone. He tends to hold himself up straight with posture resembling a king or even prince. He walks like one as well. Keeping his shoulders inline, legs moving swiftly, and his feet always facing straight. His gigai is different from him however.

His Gigai is that of a somewhat old man. Hair gray and mangy, The body filled with stench, his head adorned with a bandanna and a pirate's cap, and he is odd. His body is scarred like his but yet not exactly like his. The eyes are silver, he wears standard pirating clothes like leather boots, and he looks mangy.

A black leather hooded coat. It is plainly adorned with a silver zipper and seemingly pointless silver beaded pull strings for the hood that form a semi-circle in the middle. Black leather combat boots with a soft silk inside makes them easy to run in all day and more. Inside the coat is made of silk as well, easy to move and comfortable for long durations of use same as the boots. Also, under the coat, he wears black pants, specially made so that they are comfortable and easy to use for long durations as well. A shirt made of a black material also adorns his body for the same purpose as the others, easy to use for long durations and comfortable. He wears gloves of the same stature as the rest of his clothes. The hood is usually always up and face obscured.

San for BOE VIZARDpersonal

The man once known as San is very different from what he is now. He holds to one code and only one, the pirate code. Even since this is true, he holds only one thing above the honor of the pirate code, and that's his daughter.

Rule 1:
Make Friends Wisely!!

Rule 2:
All adherents of the Code pledge to be bound together as a brotherhood of pirates, sharing alike in one's fortunes and troubles. Every member shall have an equal vote in the affairs of the moment and equal share of the provisions. Every pirate shall obey the Code. Anyone who fails shall be marooned on a desert island, and left ashore with a loaf of bread or hardtack, a bottle of water, and a pistol with one load.

Rule 3:
The captain of a ship is to be elected by a majority vote of its crew. If any time a crew, with sufficient evidence, finds their captain to be lacking in ability or offensive in nature, a new captain may be freely elected amongst the ship's members. The captain shall be made aware of the situation and will graciously step aside, assuming another position on the crew. Failure to follow this procedure will be deemed mutiny.

Rule 4:
Any pirate who has suffered an injury from pillaging, plundering, hijacking, swashbuckling, or other pirate duties shall receive compensation for the wound from common stock.

Compensation shall be as follows, in pieces of eight:

* Loss of right arm: 800
* Loss of left arm: 750
* Loss of right leg: 500
* Loss of left leg: 400
* Fight wound: 100
* Loss of eye: 200
* Loss of ear: 30 Ducats
* Loss of finger: 100
* Trigger finger: 200
* Pinky finger: Life be cruel, mate
* Head: A watery place to rest at the most.

In the event of the loss of a limb, the surgeon or carpenter may be able to restore lost appendages with what is best suited. Spare planks or other miscellaneous items found onboard may be rigged as a makeshift prosthetic. If injury is dehabilitating to the point of preventing a pirate from performing his duties as an able-bodied seaman, the quartermaster will provide a new assignment. Replacement limbs lost on duty should be compensated at no less than half-cost of natural limbs.

Rule 5:
Every member shall have an equal share of fresh provisions, however they may be acquired, and may take pleasure in such provisions at will, except in times of scarcity. Until said scarcity is voted over, it is necessary for the common good of the crew to adhere to rations. Anyone who takes more than his equal share of provisions at any time shall be marooned. Any Pirate susceptible of eating any foodstuff rendered pernicious shall see the ship surgeon post haste.

Rule 6:
Each man shall keep his weapon, whether it be a cutlass, sword, pistol, or other piece, clean at all times and ready for action.

Rule 7:
If a pirate is the first to locate a prize and should find among this plunder a weapon that is better than his own, he may take it as his own. The rest of the items will be chosen in turn with the captain first, master second, and so forth in seniority. Ship's musicians may lay claim to any instruments found among the spoils.

Rule 8:
No pirate shall strike another while onboard the ship. In the event of such an occurrence, the quarrel shall be resolved on the shore by a pistol, sword, or in another agreed upon manner as deemed by the captain. Limbs or other body parts lost in duel are not to be compensated as those lost in battle.

Rule 9:
No man shall game for money in any form, whether it be with cards, dice, crab claws, barnacles, or any other means.

Rule 10:
Lights and candles must be suffed out of eight o'clock. If any man desires to drink after such time, he shall do so on the open deck without lights.

Rule 11:
No man shall smoke tobacco in the hold without cap to his pipe or hold a candle without lantern shield. If he is discovered doing so, he shall receive such punishment as the captain and company see fit.

Rule 12:
All musicians shall have their only day of rest on the Sabbath. Any other day, musical pirates shall be granted leisure time only by favour of the captain or quartermaster.

Rule 13:
Every member of the crew shall be allowed a shift of clothes. These may be obtained by plundering, stealing, or borrowing.

Rule 14:
If a pirate is captured by an enemy ship, he has the right to declare parlay, or temporary protection, until he may have an audience with the enemy captain. At this point, he cannot be harmed. Parlay is not considered concluded until said captives and captains have completed negotiations.

Rule 15:
The captain shall have two shares of a prize. The quartermaster shall have one-and-three-quarter shares. The surgeon shall have one-and-one-half shares. The master gunner, carpenter, sailmaker, and boatswain shall receive one-and-one-quarter shares. All others shall have one share each. The company may vote to temporarily withhold the cook's share should his food kill a shipmate.

Rule 16:
If any Man shall steal anything in the the value of a piece of eight, he shall be marooned or shot.

Rule 17:
Good quarters to be given when craved.

Rule 18:
He who falls behind shall be left behind.

Rule 19:
Take what you can, give nothing back.

That is not only the good part, but there's more. When he fights, he always likes to make the opponent get frustrated because their always easier to read that way. He tends to keep to himself when not in his Gigai, however. He still searches the seven seas plundering every ship that comes by him to find his daughter. Though so far it was for naught, but he still does. He doesn't hate any other race and hopes they think the same way. He was taught to be tolerant. This tells him that he respects all creatures, even hollows. Even with this code of the pirate, he still is bound to try not to kill unnecessarily.
In the beginning, a boy was born. This boy was like none other, well, he was exactly like the others, different.
Vizard History: Oh come off it, you didn't think you would get this without a little extra effort right? Include in this section the hollowfication, the events that followed and what your character has been up to in the time (during and after) that it took to become the fine specimen of Vizard we see today.
Other: anything else about them we should know, or anything you want to include e.g. habits/quirks etc.

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San for BOE
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