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 Nahtaiven Squad 7

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PostSubject: Nahtaiven Squad 7   Nahtaiven  Squad 7 Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 2:06 am

General Information:

-Full Name:
Nahtaivan Kurenkai

The Flack Flash

-Noteable Family:
None that he knows of but could have lost relatives
Soul/Vaizards in that order unless he is cast from soul
-Actual Age



Naht is a well built man sporting a strong frame that is muscular yet lean and seems very defensive. His appearance is of a war torn warrior that has seen enough to brake even hte strongest of wills. . Naht sports a scar running down the left side of his face over lapping his eye that during the worst night of his shinigami life he almost lost. Nath wears his hair in an odd yet stylish way showing several long pointed spikes with small golden bells at the ends of each one. His shinigami uniform usually remains mostly open at the top showing several bandages over his abdominal area. Even through all of the bandages Naht's defined eight pack can be seen and although his muscles are constantly showing he does not intend to impress anyone. Nath constantly sports a grin that could brought up a room or conceal your mind in darkness and despair depending on his mood. Whether he feel menial or is peppy Naht sports his captain's horai with ripped sleeves unlike all of the rest of the captains.

-Preferred Wardrobe:
He wears the standard shinigami outfit and clothes. There is nothing special with these as they are the same that come when you get in the acad. The bell bottom pants, and the open shirt.

one foot sixty six inches
100 lbs
-Physical Age:
30 years old about
Race Specific Information:


-Gigai Description:
Character/Player Bio:

The outside persona is kind, gentle, and loveing of all people and animals. no matter what he is kind to everyone. He would rather not fight at all and just have tea. Also, he is a good actor as he acts like he gets drunk off of just the smell of Sake. next is that he is protects anyone in need of help, with out question or prejudice at all. He would give his own life to save a stranger's.

This side of Nathaiven is horrible. His love is of killing and killing alone. His loves are odd as even the slightest hit makes him horny. He will often moan in a battle at this stage and won't stop until he kills the one he sets his eyes on, aka his opponent. If he is pushed this far than there is no stopping him unless that special someone can reach him, which only one person is able to do.

Misc things:
He hates that he is a vaizard and finds it to be somewhat of a curse. He will wait to the last possible moment to use his mask or any part of his hollow power. Because of this he takes consideration of things and often thinks before he makes a move. He will squat down and place his fingers touching each other on the tips with his nails facing the ground.

Born to acad arc:
At the beginning he was born a noble. This was for a while and allowed him to receive things such as home schooling for zanjutsu, kido, hakura, and Hoho. He was given the best training money and status could buy. He was also taught not only standard zanjutsu but two other styles. These were the one handed zanjutsu and battou. His tutor for Zanjutsu went ahead to teach him the Battou against the will of his father. He would always get high marks in all aspects. He preceded to graduate the academy with marks of honors and asked to be seated in a squad.

Squad/hollow gaining arc:
From here he was always inside eighth squad. He lives, breathed, and ate eighth squad. His Taicho took him under his wing and taught him the way of the eighth. this involved how to handle situations and other arrangements. Five hundred years old he was sent on a mission to Karakura town. When he arrived he was actually "set up" as it were. He met the one he was to talk with to get the information on the mission and was taken to a hidden lab that he was blindfolded for. Experiments were tested on him and when they were done he was the dubbed experiment BK-201. From that he was studied until they lost interest in his body and affects and was dumped in karakura.

Getting to know yourself/Disappearance arc:
During this time he was presumed dead by the captain of his squad as well as missing. It was not believed he abandoned his post but was rather killed or held up at the time. In actuality, for almost a hundred years he held his inner hollow and fought with it. For yet another hundred years he fought it off and attempted to control if not killing his inner hollow. For this time he finally gave up trying to kill it and decided to live with it as well as get to know it. They developed a relationship of King and Horse with the occasional attempt from the 'horse' at trying to become king. With this he returned to soul and he was questioned. upon receiving the third degree they found him to be telling the truth of having not been a traitor and for that he was allowed his third seat back.

The division/Captain's will:
A few hundred years after the captain of the division died by natural causes and thus his will was read. It asked that Nahtaivan to be looked at for a replacement as he reached Fujikotaicho. He was looked at and given the tests. Passing with flying colors he was accepted and allowed to head the division. However, he was passed up by another member. This was over looked as Kurokenkai was more qualified. Then it happened. With the death of the captain commander Nahtaivan found himself at a loss. He saw hope of stopping the madness with Taicho Karta and for that, he stayed loyal to him and always will. His loyalties lie with Soul and the best interest of it. from there on out he stayed with his division and true to Taicho Karta.

Misc./expanded upon things:
The relationship with Karta was something that was hard earned. He had many trials to gain this man's trust. Not only that but it took, even after the man's trials, it took some time for him to accept this man as a friend. From the time of Karta's birth Naht had known him. Their families had been friends for generations and the family of Kurenkai was always there to aid Karta and vice versa. It took almost all of Karta's life for him to trust Naht. His life was spent helping when he could and always there when the going got rough. He was taught to drop everything when the Karta family called for assistance and get there as fast as possible. He would never let anyone harm the family of Karta if he could help it.

His father knew the father of Karta and they often would soclize. At times their fathers conspired to get them to train with each other. Every time however, something happened and Karta won. He met several people along the way to become who he is today, and part of that was training to control his inner demon, and not the hollow. He had an inner demon of battle that shows in his reaitsu. When he flares all of it at once the image of a leviathan roars out from it. This is not his manifestation but rather his inner demon of sorts. It's the true form of the man. Down to the very demon like inner persona.
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Nahtaiven Squad 7
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