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 Zetch antagonist

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PostSubject: Zetch antagonist   Zetch antagonist Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 1:48 am

Zetch Naraku


Visual Age:

Gender: Female

Ex-Division: Kido Corp


General Appearance:

Reiatsu color: Silver

Height: 6 feet

Weight: 150

Hair Color: Pink

Eye Color: Grey

Body Type: Border Anorexia

*Additional Information:
Birth mark of a Z type design on her forehead.


General Personality:
Zetch is quite flirty. She will do WHAT EVER it takes to get what she wants. She will easily manipulate anyone to get what she wants. She would easily give up an army to get what she wanted. However, she can be nice and protective. She longs for the day she finds her love of which she has waited for her life. She holds a grudge for SS and all their traditions. Though secreatly she is always depressed and sad. on the outside she is as devious as possible while on the inside she is depressed.


being alone


She will often lick her lips randomly.

Dieing alone



Before Death:

Zetch was born in a normal family that had nothing special about them. They went to church, did good deeds, and all the good stuff. She went to Karakura high and passed with flying colors. after she reached the age of 28 she died by suicide. On the outside she was the kindest person one could meet but n the inside, even her parents didn't know she was suicidal.

After death-Plus:

After Zetch died she wandered karakura. She nearly became a hollow but was saved by none other than Kenya herself. After Kenya told her about the life of a Shinigami and of course being the "nice" person she was Zetch agreed to become one and help people like Kenya did for her.

After death-Academy:

During the academy years Zetch excelled at her kido, Hoho and Hakuda. She soon moved to advanced classes and learn things others couldn't or wouldn't due to varying reasons. She learned advanced Shunpo eing able to leave afterimages, advanced Hakuda, being able to channel her reaitsu to her hands at what not, and Kido.

after Death-Division 2:

During this time Zetch learned the rare ability Shunko. She also learned to control her reaitsu so she can move silently as well as silent kills. After learning this she moved to the Kido corp.

After death-Kido Corp:

During this time Zetch learned all kido there was. She stayed in this division gaining ranks like they were candy. Soon she gained the rank of captain and this is where things took off. For a long time she felt exiled as the CC kept her out of sight and away from Meetings. It wasn't long before she took her knowledge and power.

After death-Rouge:

After she left SS she wandered living until she found a small place in Egypt to live. She set up a barrier so teams could not detect her and kept her safe from the elements. From there she trained, meditated, and plotted to destroy or take over SS.
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Zetch antagonist
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