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 CC Kenya for story

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PostSubject: CC Kenya for story   CC Kenya for story Icon_minitimeSun Oct 24, 2010 1:47 am

things marked with the * symbol are not required

Name: Solace, Kenya

Alias: shitai hana
{Corpse Flower}

Age: 3,500

Visual Age: 20

Gender: Female

Division: 1


General Appearance:

Misc. app.: She wears the above under her regular Shinigami uniform. She wars her Haori over her left shoulder.

Reiryoku color: Pure, death black


General Personality: Kenya likes every race the same, she doesn't care really. She looks out for her squad and is kind to most. Yet she has an alter ego. When she gets to fighting, the alter ego seeps out like water from an open faucet. She will gladly take her own life if it meant saving the life of her squad, or people she was in charge of keeping safe. No matter her state of mind she keeps a logical attitude, but when in her alter ego she adds taunts and a sense of belittlement to it.

*Likes: Fighting, pizza, Sake

*Dislikes: Fighting

*Hobbies: none

*Habits: none

Fears: She fears she will one day some she loves will leave her again.


Kenya came from the first noble house of Seireitei, The solace family. She grew up with special treatment with extra training and a gift of higher reaitsu than most others. She grew fast, in both age and training. At the age of 100 she was accepted in to the academy. She had high marks in all her classes.Kenya met A boy named Titus who later became her friend. She became a well rounded Shinigami. She moved to Vice at the age of 300. She quickly ascended to captain by the age of 1,000. She displayed her will for protection when an Espada showed up to living. She thwarted his plan in an instant. Several years after that She was stunned to find that Titus had disappeared. It was this that caused her to become somewhat Isolated from her family and ultimately shatter her Ego in two. She was given a brother which she paid close attention to. She became cold to him but loved him dearly none the less. One day Her brother up and tried to kill her.

With all her knowledge she had a hard time understanding why. She mastered Bankai at what seemed an early age. She, after becoming cold, became more Logical. After her close friend left Kenya used all the resources available to help in finding Titus and what had happened to him. To her surprise He was on a list of Shinigami that all disappeared from Seireitei. She was scolded and told to discontinue following her leads to Titus or she would be court marshaled for treason.As she progressed through her life Her little brother tried to kill her for reasons she still couldn't understand. Several times Her little brother met up with her for approval when he gained ranks, and was met by a bloody 'good job'. Despite how she acted towards her brother, she loved him and deep down inside hoped He loved her.

Break down:

Before Academy:
Kenya grew up in a house with an untold amount of servants. She was given a personal tutor in all arts at an early age. She learned the basics in all the arts a shinigami would learn. Being as part of a noble family she never knew what not having what she wanted felt like. Though deep down inside she felt sorrow for those who lived in Rukongai and the like. She always had at least two body guards with her at all times and couldn't partake in any activity that didn't bring some kind of fun. She had a strict life which was laid out for her by her father. She would eat, learn, eat, learn, eat, sleep, and repeat. For several years before she was accepted in to the Academy.

Academy years:
She was accepted in to the academy with the hopes of high grades. She lived up to expectations and beyond. She was shunned by being a woman and having more ability that most of the sons of noble families. In Kido she excelled as far as the son of any other noble family or farther. In Zanjutsu she excelled more than one would expect due to her physique. She was able to deal massive damage to others while also being able to parry well. In Hakuda she was able to match and once in a while better the teacher by using her mind. In the aspect of Hoho she was able to match the students and the teacher but it drained her a little. She later graduated and was put in to Division 2.

Division 2:
Being in Division two she was trained in stealth and covert ops. As she grew this became second nature to her. As her first position she was placed in charge of capturing and killing traitors to Seireitei and the Central 46. With every mission, she grew stronger in mind and power. She excelled so much that she was placed in charge of The maggots nest at one point. She was later transferred back to her prior group as she displayed an ability that others lacked to do this. She climbed the latter to become captain for a short while when she was transferred to the kido corp for some time.She met and befriended a boy named Titus.

[center]Kido Corp:
Kenya entered the Kido corp at the request of her father. She spent little time there as she only learned sealing techniques and Kido beyond captain level. Although she spent little time in this place she contributed a lot in the respect that she helped them do everyday jobs and such. She was then transferred to Division 1.

Division 1 and CC:
Before she was transferred she found that her friend Titus had left.For this time she was transferred to Division 1 and placed as the captain Commander of Seireitei and the Gotei 13. It was a proud day for the Solace family yet Kenya still felt Bad for Titus leaving. She continued on her course and spent much time doing what she was told by the 46. For some time she secretly followed leads that she hoped would lead her to Titus. She was stonewalled by the 46 and told to cease her search or she would be court marshaled for treason. She did so ad to this day longs to find her friend Titus.

Rp sample: SoW (Kenya/Yakura/Asekoi/Isane)
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CC Kenya for story
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