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Arrancar Application
Sansuka Twelve Onyx
The Lightning Beast

1900-As this hollow/Arrancar
90 years as a human
50 years as a shinigami
20 years as a human
Visual Age:

Zanpakutō's Name:
Relámpago Rey
Innate Ability:
This is simple. San is able to form his reaitsu and reiryoku into lightning anywhere on his body. He is able to control the lightning up to a radius of 26 feet.
Status Ranked:
Though he is not a man of great distress, he does cause a lot of it. He finds doesn't care about race or complexion, he thinks that as long as you are honorable, you are ok with him. You are presumed honorable and if you show you are not, there is a rarity that you are allowed to regain that. He doesn't bother with the men and women that are dishonorable as they are a waste of time. He finds that no matter what, he thinks of people of any race able to be the best at what they do. He thinks that, One can not be godly but be one with what they do, and thus give the perception of godly." the ancient times showed that people that were good with what they did and had, were legends in their own right weather they were flamed by others or not. He used to think that no matter what, you were the one dishonorable and you had to die. He showed this to be false as he killed dishonorably. He repented by taking a student and showing her the way of a true honorable person.
December, 12
Natural Race:
Showing people honor
finding honorable people
Dishonorable people
people who hit women
His student's father and mother
teaching his student
Favorite Food:
Rice balls
Favorite Music
Forte in Sports:
Anything to do with physical power
Special Skill:
He has a nack for psychology. With this he is able to tell if someone is lying or something along those lines.
Remains of Hollow Mask:
Tattoo Location:
Just below his right peck
Aspect of Death
Hollow Hole Location:
Cero Color
blood red
Gran Rey Cero Color:

San stands at 6 foot. On his right arm he has white armor all the way to his shoulder. Jutting from his shoulder are three spikes. The middle is the largest and two half the size of that. A bandage covered his lower part of his upper body. At the bottom of the bandage is a red cloth that spanned from his left to his right side. He bears black pants that are much like samurai pants. White socks, and straw sandals also adorned his feet. He bore red hair that was tied in a pony tail that reached to his lower back. On his left side was nothing at all. Nothing adorned his left side at all. He has blue eyes and a rather small mouth and nose however, despite his look he is quite muscular yet not that heavy. He has a black coat that seems to defy gravity and is always fluttering about behind him. Random lightning always shoots from one part of his body to another, the parts are of course random.

The coat:

The armor does not show like that with the coat, The spikes actually retract. And the armor is as strong as a Zan's blade. Thus, it can take a little bit of a beating from a spiritual blade.
6 foot
200 lbs
Blood Type:
It all started on a stormy night in the Ukraine. Born as a viking, it was a night that no one would forget easily. A man, a boy, born of full Russian parents was taught from birth, battle and battle tactics. He found that no matter what, these people believed that honor was nothing but the boy always knew it was. He knew it was what was needed the most. He always fought with honor even as a boy. He was beat because of it. Thinking shortly that all he fought were dishonorable, he would use any means necessary to kill them. That made him the dishonorable one.

With years passing, he fought and fought. he grew to the age of 20 and always fought with high strung natures ablaze. He never had his weapons and always fought with those that he was given. Thus, obtaining a wide verity of knowledge. Even with all his knowledge he could never foresee the acts to come. He was betrayed by his son who thought of his father to be dishonorable and from that time, he fought with honor no matter what.

He wandered less than a year at this stage and was finally showed the way of the shinigami. He was given the power to see his own abilities and the tough portions of his abilities. HE found that he was the best with Lightning and water, but he was to chose one. He chose lightning. With this, he trained with about 50 years straight. Fifty years of training as a shinigami learning the way of lightning. He died shortly after due to exhaustion from his training. Wandering as a human he trained for almost 90 years to use his lightning powers and fight for honor. He showed many people the way of honor and how to be best at what they do. Also, to find the right weapon for them.

From 80 to 90 he stayed as a keeper of secrets of the lightning and showed the honor to those who passed and were dishonorable. He was considered a wise man of the time and showed that he was indeed a real man and legend that ever lived. He faded away in history as he died at the age of 90 and 1/2. Soon, he was swallowed by hollows and he tore them apart. Showing his true dedication to honor he tore all hollows in his way that would try to deviate him from his true honorable path.

Becoming an arrancar was asked by a man, the king of the time, to follow him as an Arrancar. He did so, and the man tore off his mask completely. He was like a shinigami in almost every way except the release. He showed that he was indeed a man of true intentions of the honor as he attempted to kill the man who made him Arrancar for killing the family of two men at least. He failed miserable but saw the epoch of the time as he, the only man to earn full respect in battle from Sansuka, Shuei Setsuna, killed the man he sought to kill himself. He was then cast aside as he no longer had a purpose in Hueco Mundo. With that, he left to karakura. Finding a woman as soon as he exited the garganta.

That woman was kind and a bounto. She was almost dead except for the fact that she still clung onto life for a reason she most likely couldn't understand. Taking her to a shack outside of all the world he kept her safe and cared for her. After, he kept to her as a body guard. Keeping her safe. She is now a singer and still does things he does not exactly approve of but, she showed she was an honorable person on the inside and that was enough for him.
Fighting Style:
His own mesh of fighting self taught.
Rp Sample
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Sansuka Twelve Onyx
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