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Human Application
Novikov, Aleks, Nikolai. (last, first, middle)
The Boss.(formally known as Ocelot, The Sorrow, and Subject 15732)


Power's Name:
Tengoku no Jigoku
Leader of the Spetnaz. Spetnaz Major.
School Degree:
Sends out a pulse like sonar. It works on the same basis as pesquisa. The distance for this is a tiny larger. However, he doesn't need to touch the ground.
On the outside Aleks seems lazy and a total dunce. He doesn't care what other people think and just does what always seems not only commicle but gets the job done while still acting like an idiot. Even though this is what he acts like, he is actually highly intellegant. He loves to play the idiot so that people will underestimate him. He also, is rather a "procrastinator." There are times when he wants to drink and eat rather than fight. Underneath his outside persona he is sadistic and loves to inflict pain in his lover and opponants. His personas will clash and turn each other. His personas will turn and outside will disappear for a short time. He is bi and has a strong russian accent. His outward appearance is only when he's not in a mission. When in a mission he does what ever he needs to, in order to get the job done.
Augest, 7
Moscov, Russia
Natural Race:
A few
Target practice
all weapons
Arrogant people
Training his weapons
training his CQC
Favorite Food:
Porogies and Pizza
Favorite Music:
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill:
A few things were intergrated into his training to be the best agent. Among these he excelles at several non battle related aspecs. First is that he is multilngual and can speak any main stream language. Next is that he was taught psycology. He was also taught several things such as how to hack computers and anything that has to do with being able to get information.

He stands at a good five foot. He weighs a little over 100lbs. He has a GRU, Spetnaz uniform. His uniform is black. He has steel toed black combat boots, black shirt, black pants, and black socks. On the inside of his coat he wears a red scarf. His stars equal the rank of a Major of the spetnaz. He has short cut hair and a good standing. He is rather built under his coat but he doesn't let others see it with his uniform.
Blood Type:
Aleks' life stars with the birth of a woman, his mother. She was born with the thought of being the best solder of the russian army. She had a baby in the field of battle. The baby was taken from her by russia and taken into a special camp. In that camp, was the begining of his life.

From his birth he was born into battle. He was taught a large range of combat sklills and fighting techs. At an early age he was given special drugs to allow him to "grow" according to the wants of special super solders. He was grown to be the best solder a human can be.

Growing up he was taught to not hate any race or sex. He was taught that all men and woman are created equal. However, he was also taught, that all men and woman are to be considered equal as marks. He was taught not to think of anything less than equal. Even if the person is not of the same race or heratage.

After his training he was sent on several missions. One, was to kill a political face. A public enemy if you will. He killed them with barely his life intact. Since then, he always had field skills to fix his injuries when needed. From there he sparked the idea that he was missing something for close combat.

A few days after that mission he set out to create a good close combat style that would be mostly flawless with most people. He dubbed this CQC. He spent his non mission time training his accuracy and CQC skills. He had an asperation to one day gain control of Russia and hopefuly if that worked, the world. He doesn't have a complex but things he could better the world.

With that he found out about his ability to be able to see spirits. This dubbed him the code name The Sorrow. He worked hard for the czar and fought to keep him alive once on a mission. Even with this, he always takes to the mission first, no matter what. He is able to adapt his persona to fit the mission as well. He learend all his fighting abiliteis from his master the Boss. Once he killed her, he became The Boss and became the lead in CQC and the best Spiritualy aware solder.
Fighting Style:
Aleks has formed a style known as CQC. Close Quarters Combat. The Basics of CQC are simple and complete secret. He trained hard and the whole idea of it, is to turn your opponant's moves against them. When it comes to Hand to hand combat, he excelles. He was bred to be a fighter. He was an experament as well.
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Aleks Wip
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