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 Vicente de Mora Alvares

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PostSubject: Vicente de Mora Alvares   Vicente de Mora Alvares Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 4:33 pm

Arrancar Application
Vicente de Mora Alvares
Vincent the Vampire

10,000 years of age
Visual Age:
Visual age is a mere 20

Zanpakutō's Name:

Innate Ability:
His Innate is based of of parasitic worms. They carry a special disease in his blood and saliva. Through out his body runs a special enzyme that causes a specific set of things to occur.

After the blood and or saliva touches any open pour on the person's body be it mouth, cut, or nose even the eye. it takes three posts or the enzyme to start working. First it starts by scrambling the neural signals. So if someone tries to move their leg a random limb will move instead. This will last for six posts before more of the blood and saliva needs to be inserted somehow.
Status Ranked:
Adjuchas/Vasto depending on my number
He is sadistic and egotistic. He likes to play with people and their emotions simply to see their reactions and then get a good laugh from it. He will also toy with his opponents simply for the pleasure of watching them get angry or cry. He loves to torment almost all of those around him. I say almost as there have been the few rare instances that people have caught his attention as people to like and not kill. He finds that some have gone a little farther and won his admiration as or respect on some level. He has three loves, Blood, Science, and a special woman he has yet to find, in that order. His love of blood surpasses even the strongest of lusts for others. his love of science and experimenting on is only surpassed by his love of blood. He wants to change, tweak, poke , prod, and torture every nonhollow there is. His next is the feint but still controlling want to win over one girl in his life so he is never alone. But until that time comes his only love is Blood first then science. He always seems to talk openly with his opponent what he will do to them when they finally give up. He favors the torture like part of things as well. He has a few mental problems as well. He finds any kind of pain arousing. If he is struck, cut, tortured, or even stabbed deeply through his stomach he will become aroused. The amount of pain determines the amount of arousal he will receive. Contrary to his name he speaks with japanese phenetics most of the time, using -San and -senpai and things.
October, 10th
Hueco Mundo
Natural Race:
Torture for both people
any nonhollow
drinking blood
feeling blood
bathing in blood when applicable
doing anything with science or blood or both
Favorite Food:
Favorite Music
Death metal
Forte in Sports:
Special Skill:
Bite-o-life. This is simply that he is the best there is when it comes to biting and sucking out blood with his fangs. With out a doubt he loves to do this.
Remains of Hollow Mask:
his remains is a bottom jaw on his left side of his face.
Tattoo Location:
His tattoo is on his chest on the left side just above his left peck.
Aspect of Death
Hollow Hole Location:
Middle of his neck perfectly.
Cero Color
Blood red through and through
Gran Rey Cero Color:
Blood red with a hint of black

He has dark red eyes, black almost shaggy hair, and and a narrow tongue. He has instead of canine teeth on the top and bottom, fangs. he wears the standard Espada uniform. He stands at five foot ten and doesn't tower over much of anything. He has a somewhat athletic build but it's more of a slim touch than anything. He wears the standard straw looking sandals with the gray socks. His uniform is somewhat tight to his skin, curving to his somewhat girlish figure. He has slender hips and a very flat body. His uniform is tailored so that the collar hugs his neck some and reaches to his chin. The pants are more baggy at the bottom mostly like bell bottoms. The waist snugs to him and his slenderness like second skin almost.
five foot ten
ninety pounds
Blood Type:

His story starts with a father and mother. Like most. He was born in the confines of Las Noches. His father was one strong man and his mother was a workaholic. Both were abusive to himself and each other. For the longest of times he would sneak away and try to find something different about the world but was always caught. When he was caught he was punished in may sick and tortoures ways which make him the person he is now. He transformed to a regular hollow and was that for a total of one thousand years. During this time he met a woman who told him to return to a certain spot at the level of Adjuchas and she would make him strong. He then roamed and became a Gillian for several years. Exactly two thousand years he was a Gillian and with that he ate everything in sight. After this he turned to Adjuchas. Returning to that place he met up with the woman again. That woman took him under his wing and began to train him the way a true psychopath should be. She tortured him and abused him until he liked it and it made him aroused. After he was introduced to the life of science. This made him happy in a respect as well. Over time she made him grow a taste and love for blood higher than his love for science. The woman twisted his sense of pleasure, truth, and even some of love and hate. In the middle of her sick and twisted fantasy of sex that they had he took it too far, and in her last orgasm he slit her throat. However, she died a happy and orgasmic death. He moved on and met several people. First was Shuei and then was Tamashii. He then became rather..."good" friends with both. He then ripped off his mask. With this he became an Arrancar and decided to take, by force if necessary, a position among the espada. He then met a girl by the name of Pippa and they agreed for her to become his Fraccion. Then he started working closely with Rebecca Seitz on science projects and in return he gets to use that lab for anything. He even thinks of her as a sister.
Fighting Style:
His own apt style that starts with hand to hand and grows to sword then ress with time
Rp Sample
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Master of Ceremonies

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PostSubject: Re: Vicente de Mora Alvares   Vicente de Mora Alvares Icon_minitimeThu May 20, 2010 8:34 pm

Sealed Descrition
The sealed is simply a standard Katana attacked to his side via an obi. There is nothing special about at all. It has a black blade with the cutting part silver. The tsuka is black as well as the tsuba but tat is made of two dragons, one black one white, fighting to dominate. His tassel is special and was his first creation. It is an orb of light that once broke releases all his sealed energy. He hides his sealed energy to look weak and use it to his advantage.

Release Phase.



Vic releases his Zanpakutō by calling out its command and then swallowing it, and in doing so, he emits a glow from his mouth. His body then swells to enormous proportions and releases spiritual energy, which then fills in immediate vicinity in a fine mist as he transforms, revealing Vic's released form. In his released form his upper torso becomes a gray segmented form-fitting garment with white sleeves extending from the elbow and down to a wide opening at the wrist. Three, small, dark purple extensions extend from the elbow, while four, long, dark purple strands that look like falling drops hang from the underside of the sleeve itself. His hands become white and his fingertips become slightly elongated and purple. His left eye gains purple markings that take the shape of four lines on the top and bottom. He also grows four, very large, gray branch structures from his back, two on each side, forming a shape similar to the wings of a butterfly. Each branch has twelve, equally-spaced, red strands that look like falling drops. These strands can expand out, becoming thicker until they look similar to feathers, giving them the appearance of actual wings similar to that of a bird. He can use them as a protective shield by wrapping them around himself in the form of a ball. The branches can elongate at will.
With this he gets a high level of regeneration to regrow the branch like structures on his back. The Regen. also allows him to easily heal small cuts and bruises. The Regen, is somewhat vital to this for because it will allow the branches to grow back if cut off, however not the actual drop like things visible under it. The regeneration does not work on severed limbs. This deals mainly with the fact of the branches and not the actual droplet type things that span from it.
Resurrección Special Ability:
The ress of this character is simply the manipulation of small worm like parasites.

Ultimate Ability:
Gabriel ( gaburieru; Japanese for "Notice of Conception"): His final ability allows him to be reborn if he is injured beyond repair by "impregnating" an enemy. When he has physical contact with the victim he can implant a portion of himself inside their body. He then "devours" his way out of their body, by way of absorbing all the fluids and chemicals of the victim killing them in the process, like an insect leaving a cocoon or husk when he matures and develops his body back in a matter of seconds from a liquid-like casing coming from the victim's mouth.

Once during a topic

Voodoo Doll:
By grabbing an opponent with one of his "wings" and then spitting them out, one of the strands of his "wings" becomes engorged and bursts with purple liquid, creating a small doll that has the victim's likeness.Vic absorbs some of the victim's spiritual power in the process. Any damage done to the dolls' internal organs, accessed by taking them apart and removing the organs (with no damage to the original), is done to the original, debilitating them from the inside. The doll's exterior has some effect on the victim, such as scratching and hitting.

He can unleash a massive amount of black liquid from his body out of his back. When droplets of the liquid spraying from his body touch an opponent, a copy of them is created that uses their own individual abilities in the state their in against them. Since he fires such a vast amount of the liquid upwards it seems hard to dodge.

In the event that Vic becomes eaten, his body will release the worm like organisms that interfere with the neural network and causes, for one posts, for Vic to control the movements of that organism.
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Vicente de Mora Alvares
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